“Have you overlooked the power
of a simple text message?”

On average, 174 million of the 234 million phone users in the US send 6.4 billion text
messages daily. But the most staggering fact of all, is that 98% of these texts get opened while just 16% of Facebook posts, 29% of Twitter tweets, and a tiny 12% of Emails ever do.

Our texting platform will get your customers coming back... Get Started Now

Here are a few things we do to help you get results!

Automated Birthday Club

With our platform, you can start YOUR OWN company birthday club and deliver powerful messages automatically on or before your customer's birthday.

Fresh, Responsive Customer List!

If you can get enough customers to respond by sending just 100 messages, then why send to your entire 10,000 person list every time? Keep your customers fresh. Our system gives you the option.

Local Text Line Phone #

Having your own dedicated local text line phone number gives your customers confidence to text you directly... and you can reply back as well in a single click. Stay away from “short codes”.

Know Your Client's Details

A phone number or email address is one thing, but a name or birthday is another when it comes to getting high response rates from your messages. Our system helps you capture “the details”.

And, for our proprietary and “Completely Hands-Free” way to delight your customers...

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“The single biggest mistake business owners CONTINUE to make”

Inside the report, I'll share with you the unvarnished truth about:

Writing Powerful Messages

The secret to crafting an effective message in 160 characters or less, and why less is usually more.

When to Send Messages

Knowing when to send a text could be the difference between success or failure.

Why Coupons Are Dead

The inside scoop on why most coupons fall flat on their face, and what you can do about it.

Getting Results Fast

How to guarantee a steady flow of customers day-after-day, week-after-week... all on auto-pilot.

Articulating Value

The 2 things your prospects absolutely have to hear to equate value with your product or service.

Boosting Your Reputation

Why your reputation determines referability and how to manage this most valuable asset.

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