Getting bad reviews on Yelp?

Most customers won't tell you when they have a problem. Instead they'll tell the world.
Our proprietary digital comment card can help you STOP negative comments in their tracks BEFORE your customers head to social media. And... their feedback can be completely ANONYMOUS!

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Writing Powerful Messages

The secret to crafting an effective message in 160 characters or less, and why less is usually more.

When to Send Messages

Knowing when to send a text could be the difference between success or failure.

Why Coupons Are Dead

The inside scoop on why most coupons fall flat on their face, and what you can do about it.

Getting Results Fast

How to guarantee a steady flow of customers day-after-day, week-after-week... all on auto-pilot.

Articulating Value

The 2 things your prospects absolutely have to hear to equate value with your product or service.

Boosting Your Reputation

Why your reputation determines referability and how to manage this most valuable asset.

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