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If you're in the Financial industry, you should start using TextbaQ to get 5-star reviews on Google!”

Let me tell you, getting 5-star reviews shouldn't be so difficult... and it's not! So let me tell you right here at the outset...

The secret to getting 5-star reviews is:

Knowing what your customer is feeling right after each sale.

This is the critical component of getting 5-star reviews because if you know how they're feeling, you can resolve any of their concerns and make everything all right. If you don't, you can't. And the trick is putting yourself in a place where you can know. And when you know... you can fix problems so your customers are happy and give 5-star reviews.

Now, I know what you're thinking, “but how can I? customer has left the building. I can't follow them around everywhere. How can I possibly know what they're thinking.”

Well, the fact is you can. And YES, you actually can follow them around... everywhere they go. In fact, you'll be right in their front pocket.

Let me give you an example:

We have a lot of auto repair shops who use our system. After every transaction, the shop schedules what we call, a “Thankutext”. This isn't just another spammy text message. This isn't advertising. This is an actual “Thank You” text message that we send out to thank customers for their business. And... in this message, we include a special link. This special link is the key to your success, because when they click the link, YOUR CUSTOMER is presented with 1 to 5 star rating system that lets them tell you how you did.

Now what we've found is that most customers who receive this message CLICK AND RATE their experience... AND THEN, in the little box below the stars, they add their feedback about how they think the shop could improve. Now, the shop can follow-up with any unhappy customers (1-3 star ratings) and resolve their concerns immediately! And, if a customer has rated their experience 4 or 5 stars, then they are sent right to Google to post a written review (a major business booster) for the business.

That's the secret to getting 5-star reviews on Google... and you can see it below in action:

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